So I’ve noticed a lot of white women in the fat acceptance movement appropriating AAVE, and it’s not okay. You can take selfies, and be hot, and be confident without being oppressive, so please stop, you’re making our movement racist and hostile to black women.

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Are you a boy or a girl?

yo you should follow autisticsherlockinelementary if you aren't already! also if you have anon on it might be a good idea to turn it off today after making those posts, sometimes people are really belligerently against people seeing sherlock as autistic and they might be noisy in your inbox.

Thank you for the suggestion!! I’m following them now. ahh I can’t believe ppl would be assholes about seeing Sherlock as autistic? I mean I can believe it bc ppl are assholes in general (also ableist), but Sherlock as autistic makes so much sense!! And it’s wonderful!! Thank you for the heads up though :) <3

spoopytransgirl replied to your post “I can’t tell you how happy AutisticSherlock makes me. Seeing someone…”

Wait is this canon? I might have to watch this

I can’t say whether it’s actually canon or not, because they never explicitly go “Sherlock has autism,” but I’m fairly certain it’s canon in the fact that I believe it was written in the show for the things Sherlock says/does/the way he interacts with people/stimuli to be reflective of him being autistic. It could be the actor’s interpretation as well, in that he stims and often doesn’t engage in eye contact, but I believe it’s in the writing as well, with his way of communicating and his occasional infodump and his difficulty with relating to other people. He is also very sensitive with sensory information, and can have trouble approaching any problem in a way that isn’t hyper-logical.

I would recommend the show though, for more than just Sherlock potentially being autistic. I must admit i put off watching it till now, because I associated it with BBC’s Sherlock, but it isn’t remotely similar at all.

I can’t tell you how happy AutisticSherlock makes me. Seeing someone stim on tv in a way that’s not making fun of it or making it seem like a hindrance is so awesome. Seeing someone be autistic not for jokes or a plot device or some weird quirk but just because they are, seeing someone be autistic and have other complicated parts of their personality besides just the autism because they’re a fully realized person, seeing someone be autistic and happy about it because there are aspects of it that benefit that person, seeing someone be autistic and not want to change or feel the need to be normal, seeing someone be autistic without people making up excuses for them, infantilizing them, or demonizing them. Autistic Sherlock <3

my new co-worker also said full pensions in public jobs is the reason why the economy isn’t doing well. I responded saying I think our country would be a better place if everyone got full pensions. You should’ve seen the look on her face.

Hey capitalists, you know how you think socialism is evil? Let me tell you, socialists think the same of capitalism! The feeling of disgust is quite mutual.

What I don’t understand is how they never take into consideration that the people they’re talking to might not be capitalists. I understand that not everyone shares my politics, why don’t they?

my new co-worker (whom I have been training) talked at me yesterday about how she hopes her daughter doesn’t ever have hair dyed an unnatural color, facial piercings, or visible tattoos, as people with those things “can’t expect to find a job.” of course not realizing that I also have all of those things. I wear a wig to cover my hair, I flip my septum ring up, and my visible tattoos are almost always covered or are not very noticeable because of their placements. I just stared at her.

this tumblr got boring, you must be living real life. congrats, i guess. i miss your revolutionary ideals. some of us can't leave the house (ie wheelchair). ableism indeed.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what this is saying?

loveablevillain's kitty taking a nap right in between me and my laptop. She's so cute I can't move her, just working around the kitty